SellerLion "Maximum Effect" Features

Each product feature is built to be the best in the world at the one specific thing it does.

Feedback email

2-minute account setup

It takes only a few clicks to connect your Amazon Seller Central account. After that, you’re ready to contact your customers!

Email your buyers automatically

Send high-converting emails to provide exceptional customer service. Generate positive reviews and boost your Amazon seller rating, right out of the box.

Pre-made templates

Amazon review templates allow you to set up your campaign in seconds. Each template has a unique purpose (e.g., follow-up letter, product review or Amazon feedback request).

Reach your past buyers

Send a product review request and solicit feedback to the customers who ordered from you before you signed up to SellerLion.

Risk-free testing

Send yourself test emails with real order information so you can preview & approve the messages before activating your campaign.

Feedback Alert Notification

Seller Lion monitors negative seller feedback and send you email alerts. It can trigger email to the customer asking to remove the same!

Rich Template Builder

You can design email the way you like. Add images, links, buttons, text... with few mouse clicks. No coding knowledge required!


Based on buyers’ performance, prevent specific buyers from receiving emails from you in the future.

Personalize Emails

With dynamic fields, personalize emails by adding customers personal and order details and make customer feel special!


Sellerlion allows you to use multiple template with multiple subject.Each template will be send one by one to each buyer

Open rate

It is easy to know that how many buyer have opened your emails with sellerlion.

FBA/FBM Seller

Sellerlion works with FBA & FBM seller efficiently

Ready to go

Sellerlion provides default review and feedback campaigns.


Include targeted links for buyers to leave feedback or reviews.


Supports,, .ca, .mx,, .de, .es, .in, .it and .fr seller accounts.

Exclude order

Manually exclude orders from solicitation.


Intuitive reputation management dashboard.

Advance timing

Advanced timing capabilities (days after delivery or after feedback received)


Toggle between multiple marketplace accounts


Complete history of Sellerlion activity for each order

Nagative Feedback

Negative & neutral feedback alerts

Custome campaigns

It is Easy to create custom campaigns

SKU Specific

Create SKU-specific emails or add SKU-specific messages

FBA & Non-FBA email

Send different emails for FBA/non-FBA

24/7 Support

Confused about tool? We will provide you suppport anytime anywhere via Phone, Email & Chat