Common Questions:

Here are a few of the most common questions we get asked when making the decision to use SellerLion

What More Would You Like to Know?

Is SellerLion amazon authorized?

Any Developer(SellerLion) having amazon DeveloperId can develop website for another amazon sellers
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How SellerLion helps to improve Amazon seller rating?

Our software automatically sends your customers friendly personalized emails. You can follow up with customers by sending them useful tips, ebooks, manuals, and ask them for feedback or product reviews. These proactive communications are 100%-compliant with Amazon’s Terms of Service and improve your overall seller rating on Amazon. They also give you an opportunity to address potential order issues in advance.

Can SellerLion message customers for things other than feedback?

Yes! You can send any messages as long as they comply with Amazon rules. For example, you can tell customers that their product is delivered, provide them with instructional content using attachments or just send useful tips about their purchase.

Can I send email requests for specific products?

Yes, SellerLion allows you to target specific items you sell on Amazon, refunded or past orders. You can also set up campaigns according to the fulfillment channel (Fulfillment by Amazon or Merchant Fulfilled Network).

Can I send emails for both FBA as well as Merchant-Fulfilled order?

Of course. From the start, SellerLion works for all your FBA and Merchant-Fulfilled Seller Central account orders. You can also set the filter and send Amazon feedback requests only to FBA or MFN orders. It’s especially useful if you want to get Amazon reviews for your private-label products or win the Buy-Box due to perfect seller feedback rating.

How to get more feedback on Amazon?

Use SellerLion’s Amazon feedback manager tool and ask your satisfied buyers to leave feedback or a review. This is the safest and most reliable way to get Amazon feedback & reviews. On the other hand, buying reviews or asking a reviewer to leave a positive feedback in exchange for free products can be regarded by the AMZ team as a violation of the rules. At best, Amazon will remove such a product review. At worst, your seller account will be suspended.

Can your tool help remove negative Amazon feedback & reviews?

SellerLion is feedback automation software that tracks all negative reviews and feedback. You’ll receive a notification when negative reviews or feedback is posted, which will give you the opportunity to immediately contact a buyer or create a negative feedback removal request for Amazon’s Seller support team.

Can my Amazon account be suspended for sending incentivized review requests?

No. SellerLion email templates are crafted in full compliance with Amazon rules, which prohibit sellers from offering compensation for a review, asking buyers to write positive reviews only, or manipulating reviews. SellerLion emails have never been considered as incentivized, since we don't offer any compensation for positive reviews and asking about a review in a polite, neutral manner. This type of communication helps sellers to maintain high-quality customer service and to receive verified reviews from real customers, which is what Amazon is interested in.

How many emails seller should be sent.

As per Amazon new rules & regulation seller should send one followup email to buyers.